Wedding in Altamura, Apulia

Wedding in Altamura, Antica Masseria i Luoghi di Pitti

Venue: Antica Masseria I Luoghi di Pitti, Altamura
Catholic Ceremony: Cathedral of Altamura

Elise & Noel are a beautiful Canadian and Mexican bride and groom who came all the way from Montreal to have their chic wedding in the historical site of Alta Murgia. I loved their incredible energy and their sweetness both to me as their wedding photographer and between each other. Elise is so peaceful and demure, a truly ethereal creature, while Noel (like all of his groom squad) is a super amiable and fun loving guy, these two are a perfect match in every aspect! It only took one Skype call and we “clicked” right away!

The lovely bride’s preparations and reception took place in the 16th-century Masseria Fortificata (fortress and farmhouse), I Luoghi di Pitti (the dwellings of Pitti), standing elegantly in the National Park of the High Murgia, while the ceremony was held at the Cathedral of Altamura established in the first half of the XXII century. I loved how Elise and Noel’s wedding was immersed in the warmth of these historical sites, where natural beauties and soft, milky light had us wander through infinite vistas and indulge in the bitter scents of mint and wild thyme.

From the excitement of the preparations to a swathe of emotions during the wedding ceremony, and then to the intoxicating exuberance of their wedding party, shooting this special day came full circle with the bride and groom’s romantic and intimate portraits. Informally elegant, organically stylish, and so deliciously in love… what more could their wedding photographer ask for?

It’s been a true privilege for me to have captured this perfect summer love story! May you always be blessed guys!