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    Contemporary Leather
    The Contemporary Leather range includes 24 carefully-selected colours. Each shade has unique attributes but all are genuine leather of the finest quality and durability, sourced from manufacturers with strict animal welfare policies.
    Essential Cotton
    Essential Cotton is a range of high quality, 100% cotton colours with a natural open weave.
    Pastel & Bold Fabrics
    The light and fresh Pastel Fabric range is a rayon-based material manufactured with the utmost attention to protecting and conserving natural resources. With the same eco-credentials as our Paste Fabric, the rayon-based Bold Fabric allows you to make a statement.
    Vegan Friendly
    Beautiful cover materials based on their quality and eco credentials, including these vegan-friendly fabrics from the following ranges: Bold Fabrics, Essential Cottons, Pastel Fabrics, Heritage & Purity. A great variety of colours to provide ranges that span from traditional to on-trend and from demure to bold.
    For thousands of years silk has been sourced for it’s natural quality and beauty. Silk covers are available in a range of vibrant colours that shimmer under the light.
    Cover Printing
    The latest digital technique in personalisation which involves printing directly on to a material in either black or white ink. Available on most materials.
    Blind Debossing 
    Some might call it blind blocking or stamping, but it’s all the same magical process. Using traditional methods, letters are pressed into the cover without ink or foil for an elegant, classic presentation that’s wonderful to the touch. Blind debossing is mostly available on Contemporary Leather and Purity cover material ranges.
    Per incidere il vostro testo o un logo, il laser altamente accurato rimuove lo strato superiore del materiale rivelando le sfumature naturali sottostanti. 
    Una finitura davvero accattivante. Come per il punzone a secco, vengono impresse le lettere nello spessore della copertina, ma viene inserita la lamina metallica in oro o argento al suo interno.
    22 Carats Gold
    Una tecnica di pregio per rifinire la copertina in pelle con una scritta o un logo in oro a 22 carati. È un look abbagliante e davvero esclusivo.
    Questo tipo di metallo bianco-argenteo è lucente ed ha una resa divina sulle copertine in pelle, può essere usato sia per le scritte che per i loghi.
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